Trip Locations on Google Maps

Rockin’s 2010 – 2012 Hiking Locations on Google Maps

Maps are very cool, at least to most hikers. At home, they give a tangible means of endless adventure planning. Maps are my friends. Outdoors, maps quench my curiosity, help me to anticipate terrain, find water sources, and most importantly guide my way. I owe this appreciation largely to my hiking friend Arrow. On the trail during breaks most walkers choose to rest and eat. Arrow, however, views breaks as a time to read a map, get a lay of the land, and identify major landmarks.

Over the last couple of months, I have added trail markers to a Google Map of my trips that have been featured on this blog since 2010. My hope is when readers now view trail journal locations such as, ” Interstate 5 at Castle Crags to Upper Gumboot Lake” the names have meaning and can be located on a map.

To view “Trip Locations” Google Map, click on the map in the right hand menu of this blog or for now have fun navigating from the map above and perhaps start dreaming of an upcoming adventure.

Google Map Instructions:
Click on a trail’s marker to bring up a pop-up window with links to the trip’s blog or daily PCT trail journal, GPS Track on Everytrail, photo album on Flickr, and a photo from that section of trail.

View topographical map view by selecting Ter from the top right, zoom in on locations by clicking + , navigate to the part you want to view by clicking on the map, hold, and drag.

RED – day hikes, climbs, backpacking, and back-country trips
YELLOW – upcoming soon 2012 Pacific Crest Trail sections
BLUE – 2011 sections hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail
GREEN – 2010 sections hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail


  1. So glad I wandered onto your blog! Always nice to read other female hikers stories…and especially on the west coast since it’s so very different from what we have hear on the east coast!

    • Shoeless, Boy I have heard that. Someday I would like to hike the northern section of the AT and experience the wet forest first hand. Happy hiking!

  2. this is amazing, every time I read one of your trips, it’s like I need more holidays and Lonely Planet dosen’t really show all the great places in CA. So thanks for doing things like this, it’s really great.

    • Isn’t technology and information fun? I think maps really help. Hey I see you are using Everytrail. That is very cool and so easy. Switzerland has got to be the most amazing place to explore and do Hike a Week. So fun. Love hearing from you and details on your blog about your trips.

  3. This is great!!! So fun to look at and visualize how you’ve pieced it all together. I love the way it links to your blog and pictures. You should give the map it’s own tab at the top. I don’t know how you come up with these things AND get the time to do it all! The purple waypoints for this year aren’t on there yet. Is that on purpose?

    • The idea…well you know Emily is ALWAYS challenging me to up my game! At Christmas she said “Mom you really need to put all this on a map.” AND of course a short tutorial of how to create my own Google Map followed.🙂 YES it took a long time and this was just 2 years worth of new hiking trips.

      I added “Trip Locations” in the drop down menu under Adventures AND changed the 2012 locations to a yellow icon. The PCT yellow icons will start showing up the first week in April. SOON! Training with a pack started today. Thanks Wired for the tips.

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