June 24 – Tired

Deadman Creek to Grizzly Peak Road (mile 1465)
21.7 miles

“The best remedy for those that are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside.”
-Anne Frank

So I am really tired tonight. The last few miles were hard and I really don’t have excuses. Here is a summary of the day:
-weather cleared but was cool
– forest continued to be lush, but passed through quite a few logging areas
-lots of bear scat on the trail, at least one pile per 1/4 mile
-now in Shasta Trinity National Forest
-saw father and son PCT hikers
-Recycle sang 41 songs while walking behind me
-Mount Shasta was a constant companion
-my campsite has an awesome view
-did I say I was really tired
Goodnight all.20120624-221211.jpg20120624-221318.jpg20120624-221309.jpg








  1. You know you have had a full day when you are too tired to do the extras at the end. Thought of you out there as the family and I drove passed a PCT road crossing on I-5 rolling through the Mt Shasta area on our way to SF for a week(last week). Did The 101 on the way back and jumped out for a quick day hike on the Ave of Giants. I am sure the 41 songs helped warn the bears you were coming, but I think after a while the songs would have been a bit hard to bear with. Good to see you are sleeping legal again. Keep on trekking, before you know it you will be looking at the bridge of the gods. Grin’n,bear,it

    • Bridge of the Gods…..now I have been warned it is a challenge to get across, but so looking forward to that day soon. Thanks for following along.

  2. Makes me tired reading about your day. Think the 41 songs would have done me in!!! Hope you got some rest. Listen to your body. I am here in Boise enjoying the kids. Grant is searching out hiking paths and gyms. John is in South Dakota beginning his journey. Take a nap!!

    • Hope your trip is just the best and you enjoy every minute. I am counting on seeing my 2 grandkids in Cascade Locks!!!!

  3. Rockin,

    The Sayler Family says hello we have been following you on your incredible journey, and we could not be more blessed except being out there hiking, so we took off yesterday went up Tehachapi mpuntain it was beutiful, nothing compared to what you are doing and seeing! Keep Rockin we are rootin for ya! Craig, Bekki, Thomas, Micah, Isaac, Stephen and Buck

    • Oh man! Thank you for your WHOLE families’ support! I have a BIG smile on my face. Glad you guys are up on Tehachapi Mountain. Pretty sure it is still off limits at the top. Somebody most likely just took the signs down.😦 Hope you are having a great summer doing NO schoolwork and out having fun. If the kids want to follow me on a map, they can just click Track from the menu at the top.

  4. Hope you get a good nights sleep and returning energy. Keep that food strung high!

    • No kidding. Strung high is an understatement with all the beat evidence in Northern California. Good advice.

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