August 3 – Zero in Tuolumne

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.
~Dr. Seuss

One of the dreams I have to end this trip proper is to climb Clouds Rest and Half Dome on the way down to Yosemite Valley. I needed a special permit from the park to climb Half Dome. A couple of years ago the park service began a quota system that limits the amount of hikers on the Half Dome cables. It is a great thing.

I waited in line at the ranger station for a couple of hours. The rangers were super helpful and friendly. I got my permit for tomorrow. I am thankful it worked out. After getting my permit I hung out at the river soaking and more soaking and watched the sun set over the meadows. It was a relaxing day and I am excited to climb Clouds Rest tomorrow.

I spent most of my day here at the Tuolumne River

I spent most of my day here at the Tuolumne River


  1. I’ve been on top of both Half Dome and Cloud’s Rest and I think Cloud’s rest is the better of the two. There are too many people on Half Dome, even with the NPS permit system.

    • Keith,
      I SO AGREE! The first time I climbed to the top of Cloud’s Rest I was overwhelmed by the views. I have climbed many peaks and this is my favorite, even better than Mount Sill.

    • Just on the other side was a deep pool you could jump into off a rock. Yes I took the plunge.

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