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Congrats Wired! – CDT Video Part 1

Gossamer Gear All the Way - Wired and Rockin'

This month northbound Continental Divide Trail thru-hikers will be finishing their long journey through the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana to finish at the Canadian border in Glacier National Park. Today September 3, 2013… Wired, my hiking companion, friend, and Internet buddy completed this epic adventure along with hikers Bloodbath and Rampage. Many of you know Wired through my blog, Lady on a Rock or at Walking with Wired where she has been diligently writing and posting daily while hiking the CDT.


Continental Divide Trail Video Part 1
Wolf Creek Pass to Breckenridge / June 3-23, 2013

Silly Chili and I started our 2 month CDT summer hiking with Wired in the snowy San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado. The movie below is Part 1 of our CDT hike featuring the first 325 miles from Wolf Creek Pass, CO to Breckenridge, CO. Enjoy!

To view all photos in high-resolution from this CDT section visit the link below:


  1. Great videos of your CDT hike ! I just love watching them and imagining your journey. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the aspen photo you entitled “a painting” – I would love to paint that image too🙂

    You’re an inspiration Rockin!

    • Hello Nancy,
      I took the photo with you in mind! Pretty cool that you noticed and even went to Flickr for the photo title. Paint away!

        • OK, so it took me a while to get to this – but no doubt I would🙂 Thought I would send you it first to see how I interpreted your lovely photo into a painting. I titled it “Colorado Summer.”

          Here is the link: http://nancyromanovsky.com/workszoom/1312690

          Thank you again for thinking of me and allowing me to use your photo!

          Nancy Romanovsky

          • This just makes me feel so special. Thank you for posting such a great write up. Your beautiful artwork brings so much feeling and emotion to the canvas. You have a amazing gift.

  2. Awesome video Rockin’! I too love making videos of my hikes…just finished my section hike from McKenzie Pass to Shelter Cove/Odell Lake last week on the PCT…it was epic! Also, you have some of the most “rockin'” photos of any blog I follow for hikers so thanks for all the great shares!

    • Oh…I’m going to add that song to my soundtrack for my PCT video I’m working on so thanks for that too! Loved it.


    • Thank you for sharing about your hike. Glad it was fantastic. It is great to hear good feedback on photos. I am constantly striving and struggling to capture the essence of a scene or moment. Hard to reproduce nature. Next summer I hope to complete the PCT from Crater Lake to Canada. I am sure looking forward to experiencing the territory you have just covered.

  3. Wow, what a grand video of your adventure! I always get inspired from your words and photos. Your hike has given the precious gift of beautiful memories for the rest of your life. I look forward to the next trail!

    • Ahh Georgette my mentor and hero, I love that you appreciate the small, gentle , and simple things in nature and life. Thank you for commenting and always sharing. What is your next adventure?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I have a million questions. But honestly, following you, and Wired, and several others has given me a new goal in my life. Of course, I’ve never really done any back country hiking AT all! So, I guess I need to do some of that before tackling a long hike, but that’s what life’s about, right? This has been a very inspiring summer for me! Thanks again!

    • I just love when I read comments like this. Life is about just looking ahead and going to the next step. Just like hiking don’t you think? So glad that Wired and I were able to share and be part of your life this summer! So great. Thank you for sharing. About the million questions, ask away.

  5. What a great video! You’re an inspiration!

    Who is the artist for the background music?

    • American Authors. I listened to this song many times while hiking this summer. It has a great beat to hike to don’t you think?

    • I always love hearing from you. Thank you. I am working on the transition home. It is a work in progress, like most everything. Hope you are well, HH!

  6. Rockin’, nice recap. Loved seeing all those photos and especially the one of you and Erin above. I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast and Wired, Bloodbath, and Rampage finished today.

    • I know? Right. Time went by so quickly and I am already anxious to start planning for next summer. I have great memories from that day with Wired. I feel a shift coming on.

      • “A shift”. Guess I’m lost as I’m not getting the reference. And though I did not mention it in relation to Erin, wow, you and Grant hiked a whole bunch for the two months you were out there. What an accomplishment. And doing it mother and son is pretty awesome. Not many sons that can brag about that! Or mothers for that matter.

  7. Loved, loved it-you are so talented, and put together a very inspirational video!

    • I have so much fun creating these little movies. AND I love that it is entertaining for someone else to view. Thank you for cheering me on. Looking forward to hiking with you.

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