Time to Update Your Email Subscription

New updates!

Oh the possibilities! – New updates at Lady on a Rock

Change is good. Right?
I have been very busy here updating Lady on a Rock. My long-term big goal is to bring you the readers, better visuals, blog speed, and some cool features.
The  blog has moved off of WordPress.com and is now self-hosted, which means that those of you that originally subscribed to the site on WordPress.com (and didn’t follow directly via email) will only see my new posts in your WordPress.com Reader.
Previously, you got my new post notifications via email *and* in the Reader, but now they will only show up in your Readers. If you’d like to continue to get notification emails when I post new content, you will need to head to my site ladyonarock.com and enter your email address in the “Get Notified of New Posts” form at the bottom of the front page.

GOOD NEWS! If you already follow me via email and not through WordPress.com, you do not need to do a thing.

Thank you for your patience in this transition and taking the time to ensure you do not miss a single post.


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