Below Muir Pass

My Trips on Google Maps

Rockin’s 2010 – 2013 Hiking Locations on Google Maps

Below Muir PassGoogle Map Instructions:
Click on a trail’s marker to bring up a pop-up window with links to the trip’s blog or daily PCT trail journal, GPS Track on Everytrail, photo album on Flickr, and a photo from that section of trail.

Zoom in on locations by clicking + , navigate to the part you want to view by clicking on the map, hold, and drag.


RED MARKERS – day hikes, climbs, and backpack trips

BLUE MARKERS – Pacific Crest Trail 2010-2012

UPCOMING! YELLOW MARKERS – Continental Divide Trail 2013


  1. I am SO glad you chose the wise path. So often we hear that soft voice of God but choose not to respond. My Dad always said that our disappointments are God’s appoiments. I know a husband that will be quite happy to have you home. The rest of us too! The summer is not over! Good things to come.

    • I truly believe that God had a hand in all that touched this trip. Way too many coincidences. I just didn’t want John to have to come up there and get me! Hope your trip is going super.

  2. I have never looked at this map before. Very interesting. You have really accomplished a lot.

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